Ardmore Veterinary Group in Cornard Road has paid for five new

Sport Sport Cricket Football More Sport In FullJobs JobsVelvet Mag Velvet MagARDMORE VETS have sponsored dog poo bags dispensers as part of the dog poo campaign Vet and owner at Ardmore Vets Richard Davy, Community Wardens Andy Nunny and Aaron Bennett ANL 161219 125351009A continued campaign by local businesses and Sudbury Town Council to end the dog fouling blight that caused problems across the town continues as another five bins and bag dispensers have been put out.Ardmore Veterinary Group in Cornard Road has paid for five new dog poo bins with bag dispensers adding to those already sponsored by the group alongside Sudbury in Bloom and Lead the Way dog training in the town.The campaign is being supported by Sudbury Town Council under the stewardship of the town’s community wardens.Warden Bradley Smith said: “It has got a lot better. We had six dispensers originally. Since they were put out I haven’t stepped in any mess for six months..

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