It has been mooted earlier also

First reported by Bloomberg, Illinois resident Matthew Soble filed suit in Delaware against Google, saying the search giant violated his privacy and the privacy of others by implementing a “secret computer code” to bypass settings on Safari, the default (indeed, only) web browser on iOS devices the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In addition, James Richar is suing Google in Kansas for the same reasons. Soble’s attorney, David Straite, told Mashable that he knew of another filing in New Jersey..

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The idea of a high level committee is not a new one. It has been mooted earlier also, but had to be shelved because of the unfavourable response from other economic ministries. The idea has come up again with the formation of a separate ministry for Civil Supplies and Cooperation.

I personally believe they should only be dynamic guidelines. If you eat around 1200 and don feel any negative side effects (including mental ones) maybe you could go even lower. If you eat at 1800 and you feel like fainting, maybe you should go higher.

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Even after the rise of Google and Facebook, Apple remains the most closely watched technology company. From the Apple II’s debut in 1977 through the iPhone the 21st century’s defining gadget, which took Apple to profitable new heights skeptics and hyper loyal fans have tracked its every move. It shouldn’t shock anyone, then, that Apple has always generated an unusually high volume of misunderstandings masquerading as common knowledge..

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