Boutrous replied that the shifting justifications “destroy the

Rick Stein was once an option Producers considered asking chef Rick Stein to be her fellow judge before they settled on Paul Hollywood.10. Are they amateurs? To take part the bakers must prove they’re amateurs. So they’re barred from having any professional catering qualifications within the last 10 years, having worked as a chef, or earned money from commercial baking.11.

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handbags ysl replica He added that if asking follow up questions ysl replica bags or challenging the president are grounds for having a press pass taken away, at least 10 other reporters would have lost their credentials, too.What is CNN’s position on the allegation that Acosta put his hands on an intern to keep her from taking the microphone? Judge Kelly asked.”That is false,” replied Boutrous, as is demonstrated by the fact replica ysl clutch bag outlet that the Trump administration has now “abandoned” that claim in its legal filings.The judge then asked why it matters that they have abandoned the claim.Boutrous replied that the shifting justifications “destroy the White House’s credibility” as to why the press pass was withdrawn.There’s “no argument here” that ysl replica heels Acosta is any danger to the president, Boutrous said, adding that Trump “didn’t have to call” on him at the news conference. Indeed, the White House “could have turned off his mic,” he said.Arguing on behalf of the administration, Deputy Assistant Attorney General James Burnham contended that the president has broad discretion to strip any reporter of White House press credentials if he wishes. Nobody would argue that the president can’t select which reporters he will grant interviews to, said Burnham, and a news conference is just “an interview with 100 people.”Is it the White House’s position, Judge Kelly asked, that the president would be entitled to say, “We don’t like your reporting, so we are pulling your press pass”?”Yes,” replied Burnham.Moreover, he observed that CNN ysl choker replica has 50 other reporters who have White House passes.What specifically is your justification for revoking Acosta’s press pass, Judge Kelly asked.Burnham answered that the standard is whether the reporter was “disorderly,” or “rude” or “grandstanding.” Pressed by the judge, however, Burnham conceded that he knew of no other case in which a president had stripped a reporter of his White House credentials.The judge pursued the matter further, asking how he should consider the unprecedented nature of the decision. handbags ysl replica

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